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09 August 2017 @ 05:39 pm
Master List

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles

Kurogane x Fai


You're the One to Take Me Away, mpreg, angst, drama, NC-17
After rescuing Sakura and Watanuki from the dreamworld, Kurogane and Fai accidentally start a family of their own.

The Promise of A Faraway Day, NC-17, WIP
Sequel to You're the One to Take Me Away.

Closer Than You Think, R, WIP
Living together with Kurogane was going smoothly until he starts discovering someone else is leaving him gifts.

Legend, R, Fantasy, AU
Based on the movie. Kurogane decides to show Fai something in his forest that brings darkness to the world.

The Last Unicorn, NC-17, Fantasy, AU
Based on the movie. Fai decides to go in search of his brethren and discovers a new type of family.

What The Universe Holds, NC-17, Sci-fi, AU
Based on the film Solaris. Kurogane travels to the station circling a newly discovered planet, things begin to unravel when he sees a face that shouldn't be there anymore.

Underneath the Sun, PG-13, WIP
Growing up Fai always loved to make sandcastles. He doesn't remember why anymore, but then he has a friend to help him.

School Days, NC-17, mpreg
Dating wasn't supposed to be hard. They had college, staying together, any number of things to worry about. Co-wriiten by yaoixalchemist

Witchy, NC-17,
Kurogane has had enough of Fai and her teasing. Co-written with Mirika.

From the Beginning, PG-13, AU
At age eleven Kurogane is taken to the capital to met a boy who will change his life forever. Co-written with [personal profile] zelinxia .

And Until the End, G-NC-17, WIP
Series of oneshots set during different parts of From the Beginning. Co-written with [personal profile] zelinxia .

When Monsters Appear, NC-17, AU, WIP

As a vampire and werewolf living together they had enough to deal with, but when someone starts following them things change.

Baguettes and Bouquets, NC-17, AU, Angst, Romance
Kurogane owns her own flower shop across the street from the most annoying baker in the world.

Drop By Drop, AU, Olympic Fic, PG-13
As a reporter Fai travels to a remote town after stories of a monster swimming in it's lake.

Tatsuo: One among all, AU, NC-17
In a world where technology and magic functions together; dragons live among the human race. Through centuries of war and distrust, the two species are now at peace. However, someone wishes to disturb that peace and hope to recreate the war for power. But for a certain dragon, that will soon become the least of his problems.Co-written with [personal profile] truedespair

Entrapment, AU, NC-17
The day her winter break starts Fai did not expect to get detention and she definitely didn't expect to get trapped in school with her least favorite teacher Kurogane. FemFai.Co-written with [personal profile] truedespair

Second Time Around, AU, PG
Fai and Yuui have moved back and find someone they might have known.Co-written with [Bad username: zelinxia.]

Fernweh, AU, PG
Kurogane has a simple life, growing up in the country on his mother's stories and working with his father.

Kiss of a vampire , AU, NC-17
Kurogane's normal life was never the best life he has ever had. Add getting dumped by a long-time girlfriend and getting bitten by someone at the dead of night; Hell sounded a lot better. But what he will find out is that his life was never normal to begin with.

Snow King, AU, PG-13
Now grown and happily married, Fai goes in search of an heir. Sequel to the Snow Prince.

Second Chances, AU, R
Fem!Kurogane + Fai. Fai had the biggest crush on Kurogane, but could never work up the nerve to say anything before he moved away.

Misadventures in Love, AU, R
Yuui always felt out of place. KuroganexFem!Fai, Yuui/Watanuki, Yuui/others

One Shots

KuroFai: 100 Themes, G-R, WIP
Series of oneshots.

Quote Fics of KuroFai, PG-13, WIP
Series of oneshots.

Fast Forward, PG,
Remix fic of Rewind by Jenniferplague. Fai keeps seeing the same man in each world, but knows they aren't for each other.

Here and There, PG

Prophet Ficlets, PG, WIP
Series of oneshots based on the chapters of the novel The Prophet.

The Wait Was Worth It, NC-17
clampkink fill.

Untitled, R, AU
Kurogane's a waterbender who has absolutely zero luck.

A Life Lived , PG
Introspective Fai.

Of Dolls and Ransom Notes , PG
Kurogane plots against Fai. April Fool’s Day challenge for jezz_ra

Massage, PG-13, AU
Kurogane's a massage therapist and Fai couldn't be happier. Secretsanta challenge for yaoixalchemist.

Untitled, PG-13, AU
Sequel to Massage.

To be a Vampire, R, AU
Fai always wanted to be a vampire.

Let's Start Something New, R
When everything's said and done they still have each other. Valentine’s Day contest.

What It's Like to Be New, PG-13
A different take on their meeting. There is no desert princess, no boy, just them. Summer challenge.

And it is Here That I Belong, PG-13
A peaceful afternoon in Nihon. dimension_shop fic for shadow_of_egypt

Ink, NC-17
Fai and Kurogane get tattoo's to remember what they've come from. Co-written with Mirika. Written for [community profile] clampkink .

The Stars Are Not Wanted Now, PG-13
Kurogane's slowly slipping away from him. Remix challenge written for [personal profile] bottan.

Kuro-horse and His Fabulous Jockey , PG-13, AU
Fai's just been assigned Piffle Corp's most beastly horse. For irenegerke

Dress Makes the Man, NC-17, AU
In which Fai crossdress'. Co-written with Mirika. Written for clampkink

Roleplay, NC-17, AU
Sequel to Dress Makes the Man.

Binding, NC-17
bdsm. Kurogane can't get enough of Fai. Co-written with Mirika. Written for [community profile] clampkink .

The Doctor is In, NC-17, AU
Kurogane finds himself with an unruly patient. Co-written with Mirika.

Train Rides and Spell Books, NC-17
Coming back to Rekort was a good chance for Fai to catch up on his reading. For iron smut.

Vampire, NC-17, AU
Dracula AU. Co-written with Mirika. Written for [community profile] clampkink .

There is no catching, NC-17
An accident leaves Fai feeling helpless. Written for secretsanta for [personal profile] mikkeneko .

Nowhere to Run, NC-17
Kurogane feeds Fai. For Natacha.

The Little Snow Prince, PG AU
Suwa's ambassador decides to bring his family along on a trip to the neighboring kingdom. Co-written with [personal profile] zelinxia .

Entrapment, NC-17 AU
Fai and Kurogane get snowed in at school. Co-written with [personal profile] truedespair

Ocean is for Idiots, NC-17 AU
PWP Kuro-pus and human!Fai. Co-written with [personal profile] truedespair

Everlasting Love, NC-17 AU
Kurogane tends to be forgetful at the worst of times. Co-written with [personal profile] truedespair

Scales and Claws, NC-17 AU
Kurogane and Fai are dragons. Co-written with [personal profile] truedespair

Aprons, Bake Sales, and Dragons, PG-13
Fai drops off the girls to daycare and discovers they have a very attractive and fluffy teacher. modern fantasy. for the 2015 olympics.

Various Pairings

Ioryogi x Yuui

Rough Tough Love, NC-17 AU
Yuui has terrible luck with walls. Co-written with [personal profile] truedespair

Love So Sweet and Soft, AU NC-17
Sequel to 'Tough Rough Love'.
Everything has changed since their messy encounter. Even in a certain area that almost never does, things are just not the same but that doesn't always mean it's a bad thing. No walls were harmed in the making of this story. co written with [personal profile] truedespair



What Happens When Fai Makes A Friend, PG
x-over with Drug & Drop. Fai becomes fast friends with Kakei.


Doumeki x Watanuki


Saving A Moment, PG-13, WIP
Watanuki can't believe the things that happen to him.

One Shots

Spring's Dream, PG
Doumeki has a cup of tea with his grandfather.

Butterfly's Beginning, PG
Yuuko's beginning.

Drug & Drop

Kakei x Saiga; Rikuo x Kazahaya


Legal Drug Ficlets, PG-13, WIP
series of oneshots.

One Shots

Summer Heat, PG-13
It's way too hot to do much of anything.

Four Leaf Clover, PG-13
Kakei sends Saiga out on a mission. For dimension_shop.

One Piece

Zoro x Sanji


Untitled, PG-13, mpreg
Sanji hates Zoro, he really does.

One Shots

Lucky, PG-13
Ace considers himself lucky after a talk with Sanji.

Smoker x Ace


Smoke Tendrils and Flickering Flames, PG-13
Series of one shots.


Fun Time, PG-13
Luffy starts stealing.

The Great Snowman Contest, PG-13
Luffy decides they're going to have a contest. For op_exchange

Happy Birthday, PG
Shanks x Ben. For op_exchange

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