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05 July 2016 @ 12:57 am

Some Kurogane and Fai Art
05 July 2016 @ 12:37 am
Fai and Yuui bats for a new vampire rp
Fai and Yuui Vampire Bats ( on a fic I haven't gotten around to editing or posting ;;;) ( based on Honduran white bats)

05 July 2016 @ 12:19 am
Title: Everlasting Love
Rating: M
Pairings: KuroganexFai
Warnings: sexual content
Summary: Kurogane tends to be forgetful at the worst of times.
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05 July 2016 @ 12:01 am
Title: Aprons, Bake Sales, and Dragons.
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: KuroganexFai IoryogixYuui
Warnings: nnone

Fai drops off the girls to daycare and discovers they have a very attractive and fluffy teacher. modern fantasy. for the 2015 olympics.

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31 March 2016 @ 04:53 pm
Man has it been since October since I last posted?

For those interested in on tumblr at the lilac room and caf2hot4u. I'm on ao3 with new fics under tsubasafan.
13 October 2015 @ 10:02 pm
Well shit, I lost all of my address' after cleaning my room out and moving back home.

Anyone wanting a Halloween and Christmas card please message me! Also tell me what anime/animal/ show you like so I can leave doodles!
05 September 2015 @ 11:52 am
Borrowing the idea for clover ❤️

Choose a WIP that I’m writing, published or unpublished, drop it in my askbox, and I will write >100 words for it. No excuses!
06 August 2015 @ 05:51 pm
Title: The Little Snow Prince
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: KuroFai
Warnings: none
Summary: Kurogane's father is the ambassador to Celes and decides to take his wife and son along with him to see King Ashura and Prince Fai.
Notes: co-written with the wonderful [personal profile] zelinxia

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